Red, black and white painting

It doesn’t over-complicate the joy of expressing rich, sumptuous colours and clean, bold forms. Striking red dominates the whole piece; carefully tempered with a strong wedge of black and silver, carefully offset by 10 degrees from the centre to add a small amount of motion to the painting.

Despite the big blocks of colour there is a carefree and singular feeling to this artwork (hence the name). In many ways it is very individual and not afraid to celebrate minimalism in it’s purest form.

There’s just enough going on to captivate you yet not be concerned with being overtly fussy or prudish. It’s not difficult to look at—instead relying on it’s colours and shapes to communicate to you.

You can be sure that he will slot right in to almost any space with ease thanks to the choice of colours; I have always found red, black and white a very easy going palette of colours, representing a clean, precise and controlled emotion that is on one hand crisp and clinical and on the other very focused and forthright.