Sun Chaser


‘Sun Chaser’
is a spectacular and vibrant painting full of incredible depth and detail

225cm x 160cm (88″ x 63″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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yellow and purple paint on canvas
large colorful art
orange paint swirls

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New ideas, brilliant results

Sun Chaser is a large sized, original abstract painting created with a wealth of bright colors (in fact, I think I used 17 of them!!). I am a lover of multi color artworks because they bring such vibrancy and life to a world that needs reminding of how awesome it is from time to time.

The painting is full is swirls and twists and turns and you’ll be interested to know that this is the first time I have used a brand new technique – more on that below.

The piercing yellow is the colour that really does it for me as it shoots across the canvas in spectacular fashion. The offset to this are the gentler orange blends that oppose it; these opposites make for a truly great composition.

The technique

For the very first time I used a series of aint brushes (I know, pretty shocking for me right?) but there’s a twist because they were actually joined together in a long row to create a single, massive brush! By bending over and grabbing both ends of the toll I was able to move a huge chunk of paint at once and, with some careful movement, I was able to create the astonishing patterns you can see.

I did this a number of times across the canvas to build up the movement and shapes. The tricky bit is not to overwork the paint as too much mixing will result in a terrible sludge. So planning, restraint and knowing when to stop is as important as anything else.

The net effect of all this decision making and finesse is a painting that is unlike anything I have ever done before and one that is absolutely packed full of tiny rivers and blends. The subtlety of the strokes is bewilderingly beautiful and one that you can only really appreciate as you get up close.

If you’d like to see more on this technique then come and watch me creating this painting.

Sun Chaser large abstract by Swarez

Details and finish

It really is quite extraordinary. Owing to the glossiness of the paint it has the ability to absorb and reflect light in the most mesmerizing of ways – not something you can really appreciate on a screen.

The intricate tonal ranges and tiny directional changes of paint are everywhere ranging from one corner to the other and at every stage in between. The swirling nature of the paint sends your eye on a constant journey of movement and discovery. Then, when you step back, you get the full impact of the colour and main shapes so it’s a painting that works from every viewing distance.

details of Sun Chaser art
big colorful abstract by dining table
swirls of paint

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