A exploding, minimal red, black and blue original painting

Bang! Kapow! and other such exploding noises.
If ever there was the paint equivalent of a bomb going off then this is it.
Unless of course you see a flower or wings or a demon or a a Union Jack flag.
Roll up, roll up, all the fun of the fair…

Systematic Chaos painting above a cream cloth sofa

It’s not because I like blowing things up that makes me want to paint an explosion, in fact I have no idea where these few are coming from… I guess it might be a small seed of an idea about growth or something like that? I think it’s best not to question myself too much.

Being a physics nerd at heart I like the idea of something coming from nothing (even though I still believe that’s hokum) so the thought of translating that onto canvas has made me pay attention to the theories that support it.

I suppose when you look at the constrained proportions of the red coloured paint and the apparent distance that the black covers you could be forgiven in believing that this isn’t anything like an explosion – let’s be honest if I were to study the behaviour of materials as they fly apart I may very well never get round to doing anything. And it’s that causal nod to the subject matter that actually helps me make up my own interpretations on a theme – a gift, when you think about it, as it allows me to be authentic and genuine to the very nature of what I’m seeing with my own eyes.

No outside influences to confuse, sway or cajole me into doing something a certain way. In my head this is an explosion and that’s all I care about even if it isn’t necessarily accurate. But then it’s not supposed to be really; I don’t paint that way.

So we have lots of white paint to show off the wondrously wayward applications on top. Lots of room to breath and plenty of open space. Good job as that black is pretty bold and extremely final. Adding in a touch of carefully placed blue just relieves the pressure of the other colours enough to give it a little warmth. Something to take your eye of the ferocity of the red and black combined.

It’s also a sensible size too, which is a good thing sometimes. And I don’t necessarily think you’d need an ultra-minimal apartment to hang it in either – I could see this at home in almost any room space. Having shifted it around the gallery a little it does seem to like a grey or off-white wall if you want to get the best from it. Perfect if you’ve got a space that’s desperate for something but you don’t really know what to do with it.