A 4ft square abstract painted in an assortment of colours

With the ability to hang this painting in any orientation (even offset as a diamond shape) The Riddler is packed full of colours, features a set of textured overlaid twists and carries an overall shape that is fluid and delicate.

The Riddler artwork

It seems entirely fitting that a painting that resembles a giant question mark should be called The Riddler, and not necessarily because it poses more questions that it gives answers.

Here is a painting that is an absolute riot of colour. I mean, it would be a hard thing to be depressed sat in front of such a visual jamboree. And then there’s the shapes.

In actual fact the question mark is made up of smaller movements rather than one large one. The underlying layers are composed of 18 colours (including a rather nice metallic gold) over which the sweeping arcs have been placed.

These outer shapes are contrasted in a matt finish to help set them off against the gloss of the middle layers. The background is composed of a textured finish mixed with a sky blue blend and white, weighted towards ones side with a gradient from blue to white.

It’s an enormously happy painting and was done deliberately that way. I love dark as much as I love light so why not paint both? It’s a wonderfully reflective piece, bouncing sunlight off it in all directions like few I have known. A delightfully uplifting artwork for a sunny room somewhere. Love it.