A black and white, large minimal abstract painting

Forget playing safe and welcome in a new change
On the outside this is forthright and brazen; on the inside it’s considered and beautifully executed.
Definitely a painting with a split personaility.

Minimal chairs in red and blue

Being different is good. Being an individual is better. We should always aim to be an authentic version of ourselves.

And so, inevitably, this will translate into the things we say and the things we do. For me, that’s my art. The one thing that is as genuinely personal as any words or actions. That’s why I keep things simple on the outside and more complex on the inside. If you take the time to look you can see all kinds of things. An early dismissive attitude often means you miss out on some of the really good stuff you encounter. This painting is typical of that.

The outside is bold, simple and forthright and, though I know it won’t be to many people’s tastes, I love it. Carefully placed strokes in just a single colour black shape the whole painting.

In a challenging sequence of light and dark it’s the way in which these shapes are created that generates the gravity and weight of the piece. The areas of light do the exact opposite; bringing life and breath to the intensity of the black.

The internal structure is more complex. As you can see from some of the close up images there’s and really interesting series of brush strokes, splashes, twists, drops and drags. The inclusion of multiple techniques has given a much needed additional level of engagement. So no matter where you view this from there will be lots for the eye to take in. Despite being a minimal expression there’s still a world of detail to discover.

It’s beautiful bathed in natural light and if you can imagine me on my hands and knees forming the paint structures to a CD full of operatic arias then you should begin to see that this painting is as near to the core of what makes me tick as anything I have ever done; genuine and authentic.