Aqua blue art with pink

A big modern art painting in aqua, turquoise and pink

A big artwork for a big wall; Timeslides is rammed full of powerful lines, intersecting angles and a very deep, opulent tonal range of colours

This feels big, make no mistake. OK, so it’s not the largest painting I’ve ever done but the lines and cross-sections on it make it look huge. This means you can make a space feel bigger than it really is.

And because the two main accent lines are white it not only opens up the painting but will also open up the space it’s hung in. You tend to notice these first then let everything else catch up afterwards.

The classic, deep colour combinations of aqua green, bright pink and turquoise will pretty much fit in with most things and the obsessive attention to detail I have over my work also mean that the painting reveals a much more detailed and intricate side as you move closer in towards it.

So it gives from a distance and from close-up. Excellent.

I suppose I like straight lines a lot even though I don’t tend to use them that often. There’s a finality and routine to them that offers little room for deviation but used in the right combinations they can be anything but precise and controlling.

That was my intention with Timeslides – to take a series of constants and mess around with them, a bit like sliding through time I guess, hence the name.