A large square painting inspired by Carl Sagan and the cosmos

Carl Sagan is a hero of mine, a real shining star amongst the greats (no pun intended).
Influences as a kid always shape us into the people we are today and one of those was a fascination to all things cosmological and Carl’s TV show called ‘Cosmos’.

Large square black and pink painting

The distance, the darkness, the majesty and the size of it all. The universe is a place that captures the imagination and creates wonder.

As a kid I loved watching the TV programmes made by cosmologist Carl Sagan. His understanding, ability to communicate and personality kept me fixated throughout its original run and in subsequent repeats thereafter.

Despite never owning a telescope or having any desire to be an astronaut I have kept that fascination for as long as I can recall. I often incorporate random thoughts and image memories of space in my work but not normally as a basis for the entirety of it.

As the title of this large square painting suggests we are indeed all made from the stuff of stars. I considered painting some spectacular nebulae or a spiral galaxy but in the end I combined the colours of gas clouds and the deep, piercing, un-ending emptiness of space.

Peppered with some white paint applications to complete the imagery of stars in the sky and what you’re left with is a deceptively compelling original artwork that is as mysterious as it is forthcoming.

I’ve hung on a white wall in my gallery and it looks sensational, despite the vast amount of black. In fact this is made up of several shades in itself – including a brand new metallic. Thanks goodness for spotlights then. This one looks a peach. Now all you need is a wall big enough to put it on.