Whispering Grass

‘Whispering Grass’
is a large abstract painting created with gorgeous green tones and coloured accents

190cm x 130cm (74″ x 51″)


big green art on feature wall
green abstract art in living room
green and gold paint
green and white paints

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Using green

This mainly green large scale abstract wasn’t painted with rich forests or fertile gardens in mind; it was created because I wanted to explore the colour green.

Green isn’t, by my own admission, a colour I enjoy working with. I’m not sure why but it’s never felt right to me. It always seemed to get in the way. Particularly the shades I would refer to as being at the natural end of the colour spectrum.

So here we’re talking leaves, grasses and pasture. I can’t get enough of the colour in nature but have always historically baulked at using it in my paintings in any great quantity.

But sooner or later I know I needed to attack things in a more considered manner and that’s why we have Whispering Grass; only the second all-green large scale abstract I have ever done and, at long last, one I can finally say I’m happy with.

Creating shapes

This fusion-type of blending style is achieved using a wide wool mop on the end of a long telescopic handle in conjunction with a wide plastic tile spreader.

The exact explanation of what goes on is beyond my feeble use of the English language but suffice to say there’s a lot of layering going on as I build and spread colour on top of colour to make the blends and tonal shifts you see in the final piece.

Shapes also relate to the volumes of colours and the positions they occupy on the canvas as a whole and also relative to each other. I took great care to balance light and dark and also depth and breadth of colour. And as I am heavy on the greens I had to make sure that no particular shade was too dominant.

Green large modern art Whispering Grass

How does it fit in?

Well, if we’re looking at this with our design head on then I would say that it needs to be reasonably close to a natural light source (maybe like a set of bifod doors or a roof light).

Also I would suggest that any inclusion of purple or pink would help it feel more grounded along with most neutral tones (though I would be steering clear of beige if I could).

Some type of spotlight would be preferable too for low light conditions.

And after all my procrastinating over using green I now know that I shouldn’t have been concerned at all. It’s a beautiful colour and full of life, energy and growth. it reminds us all of nature of course but i think its lasting appeal goes far beyond that.

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