Zero Gravity

‘Zero Gravity’
is a large silver an blue abstract themed painting

160cm x 130cm (63″ x 51″)


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Silver and blue large art on a wall
Zero Gravity painting by Swarez art
blue and silver painting
abstract art called Zero Gravity
original abstract by Swarez

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Change is good

I am a firm believer in breaking new ground. A stalwart of change and a disciple of different. I like to step away from what is considered acceptable or standard and find out about new things and new directions.

To that end, and with those principles in mind, we find ourselves in the company of Zero Gravity – a large silver and blue abstract painting created with my own enamel paints.

It was created during a live streaming event that was broadcast on November 6th 2019. You can watch the whole stream here – it’s very entertaining! It was created alongside The Time Machine (the other painting in the video)

The use of black

During it’s creation it took on the a number of different forms until I settled on this one. Sometimes that’s the way things go. Changes are always being made – even when things go according to plan (and you must always have one of those!).

One of its most notable features is the heavy use of black that’s offset to one place only. Normally I tend to balance my paints out but, as I yearn to seek fresh visuals, I decided against that and loaded it instead.

The painting, however, doesn’t feel weighted or imbalanced and this is mostly down to the blue paint and the direction it flows in. those two factors pull our eyes away from the black so it never allows us to feel heavy or biased towards one side.

painting called Zero Gravity by Swarez Art

What lies beneath

I don’t tend to look for images or reference pints in my paintings and prefer to let you make up your own mind about things so you can complete the story for yourself.

However, there are certain things that even I can’t get away from here – like the feeling that I am looking down from space, or the moon, or something as I find myself floating above the earth (so now you know why I named it Zero Gravity).

I can see topographical features and landscapes and savannahs as well as glaciers and ice shelves. But then again, you may see something completely different. And that’s the real beauty of a good abstract painting –   you get to finish that part of the journey off on your own terms and in your own time and space.

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