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Choosing the right piece of art

Remember – don’t panic! There are lots of things that affect your choices and decisions but your initial reaction is by far the most important. Let me give you six quick takeaways to help you on your way.

1. Gut feeling

Listen to your gut telling you what you do and don’t like. It is worthwhile ignoring your home decor at this stage and let the painting tell you whether you like it or not.

You’ll spend a long time talking yourself out of something then come back round to that excited feeling you got first time round. Your instinct is never wrong, listen to that little voice. It’s the one thing in life you can rely on. If it feels right then it’s right.

2. Colour

Colour is one of the main things you notice about any object. They will stimulate particular emotions within us and that will be different for us all. In particular it’s the way in which we combine colours that makes us love or loathe a painting.

Certain combinations can work really well and others can be a little more challenging. Start by deciding what colours you like and write them down. Ignore your soft furnishings for now – cushions are easily replaceable.

3. Shapes

The way shapes form from colour is very important. Small intricate detailing is fine for a painting that’s going to be hung close to you but you may opt for a bolder, simpler composition if your normal viewing distance is further away.

For passing spaces like hallways, landings and corridors it is easier to go for something that carries loose, big shapes and more uniform blocks of colour than a more intricate and delicate series of lines and movements.

4. Locations

For communal areas and resting spaces (living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms) you can become a little more adventurous and let almost any kind of shape be present. Be careful for dining rooms though; you want your art to be beautiful and uplifting but not put you off your food!

When thinking about how much wall space to fill there is no set rule for how much of you should cover, and much of that argument is down to what kind of art you are hanging.

5. Sizing

We all know that life is very short so instead of procrastinating with your bonus or thinking about that holiday you’ve always promised yourself maybe you should consider buying something that will give you 365 days of pleasure a year?

Seriously though you can change floor tiles and sofas but your art should be for a lifetime to enjoy. The personal thing that makes you different to everyone else you know. It’s worth it I promise. It really can change your life. It changed mine.

6. Just go for it!

Generally speaking though it’s a good idea to follow a basic rule I have devised fore abstracts that, in my years of experience, works very well.

If you really want the formula I use sometimes then try this: measure your whole wall width and divide the measurement into three equal parts. For one of the thirds split that in half so essentially you’ve got two sixths. Leave a sixth of the wall free at either side and there’s your breathing space.
Have fun!


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