rainbow art abstract


Hello rainbow! Now you can sit and look at nature’s wonder whenever you want.


rainbow coloured paint on canvas
lime green and pink paint
rainbow coloured paint on canvas
metallic purple paint


Heat, UV and fade resistant
100% original
No prints or copies


31″x 31″
(800mm x 800mm)
44mm deep


320gsm primed cotton canvas
Created with enamel paint


Delivering to 42 countries
Certificate and valuation included

About this painting

Rainbow and things 

Whether you believe on the science behind light refraction and prisms or choose to believe in fairies and unicorns (not to mention crocks of gold) you will always be uplifted and energized with this rainbow inspired small original abstract painting.

For the first time I have had a special metallic purple paint mixed and I have to say it looks epic! I am thrilled with the way light interacts with it and it carries a deep lustre that need to be experienced in person, rather than on a screen. But regardless of that its spectacular.

The love of colour

Sitting upon a blended blue and green background the main focus of this paining are the carefree loops that radiate over one another. There are some really nice overlays and twists and each main colour group is represented in there somewhere.

There is also a large volume of paint applied so there’s a real sense of depth and texture to a lot of the paint layers and this helps crate a feeling of solidity and permanence.

This painting is shipped ready to hang. Worldwide shipping is available – costs are calculated at the checkout before you decide to buy. Any problems, drop me a mail.

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