A Spadeful of Ground
gold green and purple art

‘A Spadeful of Ground’

A beautiful earthiness abounds in this new painting. Swirls of paint form to create some wonderful layers and textures; all fused together with a natural colour palette.


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purple and green canvas art
circles of green and gold paint
metallic paint details
bright gold paint on canvas


Heat, UV and fade resistant
100% original
No prints or copies


31″x 31″
(800mm x 800mm)
44mm deep


320gsm primed cotton canvas
Created with enamel paint


Delivering to 42 countries
Certificate and valuation included

About this painting

Earthy tones

As an artist I can choose to go as crazy as I want with colour, placing all sorts of combinations together. But every once in a while I like to strip things back and ground myself. Call it an artistic detox of you like!

So for A Spadeful of Ground I have chosen a very earthy palette and used it to carefully translate the colours of forests and woodlands into an abstract painting.

The love of gold

The inclusion gold is really only to highlight some texture and it’s the ideal colour to do it with thanks to its light refractive properties.

Likewise you can also see a subtle metallic purple in there too. This has a similar purpose for light refraction but additionally it also adds some warmth and depth to the painting and is entirely reminiscent of the carpets of bluebells that I remember as kid in the woods I used to play in.

The whole painting is topped off with a carefree application of white paint. This was added to lift it from the darkness and in to the light. Think of it as looking up into the tree canopy.

Or you might think all that is crap and see a big old angry dragon (as my focus group had great pleasure in telling me!)

This painting is shipped ready to hang. Worldwide shipping is available – costs are calculated at the checkout before you decide to buy. Any problems, drop me a mail.

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