purple and green small painting


A magnificent original painting featuring metallic purple and lime green with hints of turquoise and black.


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20″x 20″
(500mm x 500mm)
Heat, UV and fade resistant
100% original


Enamel paints on canvas
3mm aluminium base
Laser cut metal frame
Plexiglass front


Delivering to 42 countries
Certificate and valuation included

What’s going on here?

Carousel is a small square original painting, created on canvas, and set inside a beautiful aluminium frame. It features a number of colours including a subtle metallic purple (looks amazing under a spotlight), a dash of lime green, a deep turquoise and hints of black, white and cream.

It’s a pure abstraction and is simply a celebration of form and colour. You don’t need to pick it apart or work out what it’s supposed to be – just enjoy it for the wonderful expression of freedom that it is.

green and purple art on a wall

Can I live with it?

If you like purple and green then yes, you can. Even if you don’t you shouldn’t worry; with paintings at this size you really don’t need to think about making it fit in with your decor or soft furnishings because it can hang very happily in any environment and stand on its own merit as something you love.

The black mount is the perfect containment vehicle for all that swirling movement and is the bit that stops everything from spilling out over the edges. So you can enjoy all the twists and turns without it ruining your life.


The painting is finished with a 2mm mount that’s set inside a laser-cut aluminium frame. This gets covered with a Plexiglass (acrylic) front (a high quality PVC alternative to glass). This can be removed if you wish.