Cirrus One
Cirrus One sculpture by Swarez Art

‘Cirrus One’

This is an aluminium sculpture winds gently upwards and is finished in a lovely light grey with a tiny metallic flake.


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This aluminium based sculpture was formed by hand and then given a chrome effect finish. The result is a striking and effortless original piece of art with a reflective silver finish. 

Complete with a hand cut and polished granite display plinth and an aftercare accessory kit.

All sculptures are 100% original and no two are the same. Nothing is cast, moulded or replicated. Includes a signed and hologramed Certificate of Authenticity.

Weight (kg): 7.6
Sculpture size (cm): 52 x 45 x 11
Plinth size (mm): 365 x 255 x 30
Material: Aluminium

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