Put Your Arms Around Me
blue red and orange painting

‘Put Your Arms Around Me’

Two beautiful circles wrapped around each other; what better way is there to symbolize togetherness than that?


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details of orange and blue paint on canvas
close up of loops of paint
blue and orange art
radial loops of paint on blue background


Heat, UV and fade resistant
100% original
No prints or copies


31″x 31″
(800mm x 800mm)
44mm deep


320gsm primed cotton canvas
Created with enamel paint


Delivering to 42 countries
Certificate and valuation included

About this painting

Creating blue and orange art

It’s a combination of colours that I love using. In this instance I wanted to create a painting that celebrated one of the most basic of human needs – that of feeling close to someone.

For this concept I chose the idea of receiving a hug. I’ve been in need of a lot of those recently so I thought it would be nice to create two loops of colour that form the basic idea of arms being put around the other (or in this case a loop).

I have taken care to add a sense of occasion to the colour choices in every part of the painting.

Putting colours together

Like so many things related to art the choice of colour, and it’s interpretation for you as the viewer, will always be a subjective thing.

As I mentioned already I love using blue and orange together. However, to get them to work at their best they need pairing with accents carefully, otherwise they get lost or diluted.

I have used my trusty Swarez blue on the background and used that as a foundation to lay out the remaining shades.

It’s all in the loops

The ‘hugged’ loop is the main focus of the painting with the loop giving the ‘hug’ coming in as a support act from the side. The colours of the former are stronger and more defined whilst the other one is more calm and supportive.

What I’ve tried to do here is colour the loops according to how I perceive their emotive state to be if they were humans. If that sounds crazy then it probably is – but surprisingly, now that I’ve mentioned it, you may just be nodding your head in an “ah I see what you’ve done there” kind of way…

Quite obviously it’s the red and white loop that needs the arms thrown around it by the one that cares the most.

Everything has a story if you stop to listen long enough.

If blue and orange art is your thing (as well as the thought of being wrapped in the arms of the one you hold closest to you) then celebrate with the Add To Basket button!

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