Surf’s Up!
red and blue abstract painting

‘Surf’s Up!’

A combination of energizing blues and whites fused with a dramatic series of red, purple and gold colours.


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20″x 20″
(500mm x 500mm)
Heat, UV and fade resistant
100% original


Enamel paints on canvas
3mm aluminium base
Laser cut metal frame
Plexiglass front


Delivering to 42 countries
Certificate and valuation included

Dive in – let’s go!

I am not a surfer and have never even been surfing. But I do know people that do and listening tot hem conjours images in my mind of crashing waves, tunnels of water, infinite power, dramatic skies and intense emotions.

So I have created a small series of square original art works that are loosely based on the experiences and descriptions of my surfing friends and acquaintances.

Sea and sky

I haven’t always been so defined on my boundaries between earth and sky but in this painting I have. There is a definitive stop point where the blue ends and the red begins. It has helped me differentiate between the two key parts of the painting.

The blue and white part is full of big twists and rolls and is peppered with small circles. The red area has hints of purple and gold and this is the really dramatic part for me – certainly in terms of colour.

Finishing things off

The painting is finished with a 2mm mount that’s set inside a laser-cut aluminium frame. This gets covered with a Plexiglass (acrylic) front (a high quality PVC alternative to glass). This can be removed if you wish.

This painting is shipped ready to hang. Worldwide shipping is available – costs are calculated at the checkout before you decide to buy. Any problems, drop me a mail.

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