Caramel Towers
Caramel Towers gold sculpture

‘Caramel Towers’

A hand-formed, free standing aluminium sculpture finished in a dripping toffee apple coating.


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metal sculpture base details
intricate folded aluminium shapes
hand formed aluminium sculpture
gold effect powder coat finish on metal

Creating the sculpture

I haven’t been that busy with sculptures recently (with the exception of a few commissions for wall versions of these) but the few I have managed to do are really quite something.

And by that I mean, of course, unusual. But also with that comes a high degree of individuality and that’s a quality I am always so keen to pursue in all the variations of my craft.

In the creation of Caramel Towers I was led by the desire to create height so I have fused together three individually formed pieces of aluminium and given them a very interesting finish.

It’s an electrostatic powder coating process that forms the finish coat and this particular variation is most definitely gold in its origin but has been applied and baked in a slightly different way to produce a liquid, almost dripping quality, that reminds me of caramel sauce or what a toffee apple looks like as you swirl it round the pan of toffee sauce!

Interesting feedback

The forms also lend themselves to the more organic side of things – one of my focus group thought it looked like something out of the Alien film franchise, one thought it reminded them of battle armour from Lord of the Rings and another remarked that is was what fudge would look like after you’d digested it!

If I get that kind of reaction then I consider my job done. Whatever your viewpoint though it’s got some beautiful detailing and exquisite forms. Sat on top of a console table, perhaps lit by a single spotlight and I reckon this is going to look amazing.

This magnificent sculpture is 100% original and entirely hand-made by me. Nothing is cast, moulded or replicated. Includes a signed and hologramed Certificate of Authenticity.

For indoor display only. Worldwide shipping available. Price is inclusive of UK VAT. Please allow 10 – 14 days for delivery.

Weight (kg): 3
Size (mm): 170W x 595H x 200D
Material: Aluminium
Finish: Gold effect Powder Coat