Rise Again

‘Rise Again’

This is an aluminium sculpture that’s tall and winding and finished in a colour changing coating.


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This tall colour-changing sculpture is a magnificent example of what happens when you fuse colour and shape together. Reflecting a myriad of different colors as you move around it ‘Rise Again’ is everything I love about creating art. 

The photos are lit with a single LED bulb. It’s rather tall so please make sure you measure the space for it before committing to buy.

Complete with a hand cut and polished marble display plinth and an aftercare accessory kit.

All sculptures are 100% original and no two are the same. Nothing is cast, moulded or replicated.

Includes a signed and hologramed Certificate of Authenticity. For indoor display only. Worldwide shipping available. Price is inclusive of UK VAT. Please allow 10 – 14 days for delivery.

Weight (kg): 6.5
Sculpture size (cm): 69 x 33 x 36
Plinth size (mm): 355 x 320 x 13
Material: Aluminium