At Higher Altitude
coipper and black small art in hallway

‘At Higher Altitude – SOLD’

Warm copper tones meet the stark fresh face of white and the dark eternal black. How much drama do you want from one painting?


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black and copper paint on canvas
details of At Higher Altitude art
art with copper paint
white and gold paint strokes


Heat, UV and fade resistant
100% original
No prints or copies


44″x 31″
(1100mm x 800mm)
44mm deep


320gsm primed cotton canvas
Created with enamel paint


Delivering to 42 countries
Certificate and valuation included

About this painting

Black and copper

These are two highly dramatic colours that I don’t recall suing in a combination like this before. Copper has so many majestic tonal qualities and it’s lustre and depth are rarely equaled by other colours.

In this painting I chose a mix that has warm qualities but with a very dense pigment so you tend to see big swathes of mass wherever it appears. It has a finality and density that I really like and it lends itself to the overall drama beautifully.

It has an earthy feel and reminds me of rock and stone – it’s really something to get your teeth into. Black has similar properties but carries a far greater depth and finality to it.

The all important white

Buried among the earthy copper tones and the seismic, unforgiving darkness is that huge bulk of white the trips through the middle of the painting like a tornado.

To me it feels like something glacial. A moving mass of ice and snow that stops for nothing in its path. It’s every bit as final and dramatic as the black, in my opinion. The white paint strokes actually feature some hints of metallic gold in them too which is a nice little detail you may not see initially.

The smallest hints of raspberry, purple and yellow add a tiny bit of relief from the onslaught of the natural tones but they never fight with them. This painting is all about the majesty and presence of the earth in its raw and most savage best.

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This painting has been sold

But don’t worry – if you like it then you can have one very similar by commissioning me to paint for you.
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