Blue Velvet
blue and purple small painting

‘Blue Velvet’

A square painting with a sumptuous combination of blue and purple paint with hints of gold and black.



20″x 20″
(500mm x 500mm)
Heat, UV and fade resistant
100% original


Enamel paints on canvas
3mm aluminium base
Laser cut metal frame
Plexiglass front


Delivering to 42 countries
Certificate and valuation included

What’s going on here?

Blue Velvet is a small square original painting using my faithful enamel paints onto canvas. It is created in exactly the same way as my larger original paintings.

It features a beautiful purple and deep metallic blue at its heart and this then gets further strengthened by the addition of small seams of metallic gold and a dense black over in one corner.

Can I live with it?

Sure! It’s a powerful painting of course but because it’s small it will fit into almost any space without knocking you over every time you walk past.

The deep rich tones are warm and inviting and the whole thing is ever so slightly decadent in my own opinion. It’s beautifully painted and exquisitely finished too. The tiny hints of gold really light up under a spotlight; get one shining on it if you can – you’ll thank me when you have!


The painting is finished with a 2mm mount that’s set inside a laser-cut aluminium frame. This gets covered with a Plexiglass (acrylic) front (a high quality PVC alternative to glass). This can be removed if you wish.

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