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‘Genesis – SOLD’

This is a small original painting created with just two colours and when the shapes are as dramatic as these you don’t need any more.


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small portrait abstract artwork
Genesis silver painting
silver spattered paint drops
Genesis silver painting


Heat, UV and fade resistant
100% original
No prints or copies


115cm x 70cm
(45″ x 27″)
44mm deep


320gsm primed cotton canvas
Created with enamel paint


Delivering to 42 countries
Certificate and valuation included

small white and grey painting

About this painting

Choosing colours wisely

The decision to use just a single silver and white was a deliberate one for two reasons. Firstly, I wanted to give myself a bit of a challenge (but not bite off more than I could chew – that’s why it’s smaller than my average sized work) and secondly I wanted to do something spectacular with a simple shape.

In the years I’ve painted so far I’ve discovered that the more dramatic something needs to be the simpler the approach that’s required.

Furthermore, when you pare back the colours and stick to a simple premise, the result had better be something special otherwise the whole idea is pointless. And you don’t need an art degree to spot a catastrophe.

The challenges of white and silver

To that end the colours were set and the size decided. Two base-coat sessions later, four days of curing and it’s time for the main event.

Attaining a consistency to the metallic silver paint was critical so a single mix was split over two pouring vessels; one slightly thinner than the other.

Through a series of small pours and a considerable amount of pissing about with a pipette and syringe I had the first layer of silver that felt ready for the giant single shape that you see on the top. So far so good.

Elemental forms

I’ve never done anything remotely like this before and probably won’t again. It’s not really what I do is it? I mean have you seen all my other paintings? It’s not like any of them. But I like it a lot and, although it’s taken me a while to decide to put it out on the site, I am very glad I have.

And let me be honest with you here – I did not intend the finished form to resemble some kind of primordial invertebrate (an uncanny resemblance if you choose to be led by my focus group). No, the whole focus of my attention was to simply create a two layered expression down the centre. If you want to make it into something then be my guest. I’m all ears.

It’s the top most layer that holds the form and gently moves itself from one edge to the other. There’s a mixture of white added in to this (as you can see from the split over the top of the silver) – this was the only point at which I added white over the two coats that form the base.

Getting back to basics

Two simple colours and one flowing shape are the fundamentals of this original painting. Nothing complicated or difficult to digest.

What I hope I’ve done, however, is create something that’s dramatic and intriguing as well as detailed and mature. Sometimes it’s good to cast aside all the fluff and apple pie and get back to using a few choice materials whilst letting my imagination pour through my fingers to see where it takes me.

Fingers crossed it work out as well next time then!

This painting has been sold

But don’t worry – if you like it then you can have one very similar by commissioning me to paint for you.
It’s a whole heap of fun and there’s no obligation on you (or deposits to pay).