This delightfully intense original artwork combines bold swathes of colour blended with subtle stroke work and intelligent use of materials to create a wonderfully eccentric mix of lines, shapes and textures.

I have painted this piece in a very deconstructive manner – meaning that I have taken the concept of the line and pulled it apart to dissolve any hint of figuration.

No matter what we look at and associate with we do so because of the shape that a line represents. A dog, a circle, a car – all made up of lines that allow us to recognize what it is.

Even a straight line on it’s own means exactly that – a straight line. By deconstructing this principle you take away the ability to rely on figuration and instead allow your mind to draw it’s own conclusions.

Great abstracts allow you to do this easily. However, it’s not essential to get the most out of the painting. Sometimes you should just allow yourself to wander through the brilliance of the colour blending, the valiant romp across peaks and troughs of tone that carry you on a wave of intensity as you dart from one side to the other.

Often it’s about what you CAN’T see rather what you can. If you hear yourself going ‘Oh, wow!’ then it’s done it’s job. Your comments will always be welcomed.