Glow in the dark painting

This piece was painted onto a 38mm gallery grade block canvas and was created using a number of tools and paint types, including gloss and matt enamels, acrylics, Day-Glo and fluorescent paints.  Paradigm Shift measures 151cm x 91cm. Look at the changes in the painting as soon as you add a UV light source…

This painting has a mixture of gloss and enamels as the basis for the background. I mixed a number of different shades of acrylics into the surface whilst the enamel was drying to morph in some of the interesting textures in this painting.

The addition of Day-Glo yellow and fluorescent pink and orange really lift this into the room. At first the thought of having these colours in a painting can seem horrendous but all I can say is ‘you should see it’.

Even with a decent camera I simply cannot convey how amazing this looks in real life, especially with a spotlight shining on it. The finishing white loops and arcs really pull the composition together – making it more cohesive.

Just by looking at a photograph it’s hard to appreciate just how much detail I’ve put into this painting – you can’t just throw paint around and think it will look good, it needs to be painted properly otherwise it all falls apart. Maybe I just make it look easy to do?