This will be unlike most things you will see hung in your local art gallery. Different is good – it demonstrates a desire to be individual, a need to forge your own path and express your uniqueness. It is loud, complicated and crammed full of the most eye-watering details you are ever likely to see.

It is completely in your face no matter where you look at it from. You want a statement? Then come and see this, it really is worth it.

This looks unbelievable in the flesh. The surface of the canvas is very shiny and as a result it is almost impossible not to get something reflected in it. The paintings is composed of two main layers.

The base layer was dripped with five colours then blended together a few inches at a time to form the complex underpinning on the piece – a platform to show off the stunning single applications on top.

You can see this dark layer in some of the close-up shots below. This base layer has detail in it too when you look closely. Gene Pool is a multi-layered, dimensional drip painting with attitude! The red application adds a tremendous gravity to the painting – adding an authority and semi-focal point to break up the piece.

The detail in this painting is astonishing as you can see below. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this kind of painting is easy, it isn’t. I have been practicing with paints for many years and yet I am still amazed by what can be done by pushing boundaries. I

have used some very unusual colours in this painting that really shouldn’t work but they do – astonishingly well, even with such a dark background layer.