Let’s get one thing straight – I love the use of black in my paintings, and for that matter red and white, If I could justify using them exclusively then I would only ever use these colours in every painting I produce. I’ve thought about the reasons why for many years but never come to any conclusion.

What I do know is that I am at my most content when I use them and what I produce as a result is potentially even more dramatic and satisfying. Magnetized is a perfect example of fusion between these colours, combining a finely mixed and beautifully still background with the excitement and action of the foreground layers – each linking to one another in texture and emotion.

The consistency of the enamel paint I used was absolutely critical in achieving this frozen, stasis-like capture of the foreground shapes. Too thick or too thin and the effect descends into chaos and the painting is lost. Instead what I have created is a really tense but ultimately stable balance between colours and forms.

This effect is further enhanced by the liquid nature of the paint which still looks wet when the light catches it, even though it’s dry of course. This painting measures 200cm by 60cm. I use only the finest triple primed canvas to protect the paint from falling through the weave. The frame is constructed from seasoned timber bearers and measures approximately 50mm deep.