An original modern art painting in bright orange and green acrylic paints

Icarus is a piece of modern art that is painted onto a 38mm gallery grade block canvas and measures 152cm x 91cm (60″ x 36″).

He was created using enamel and acrylic paints. I painted onto the canvas, wasn’t happy, so kept on painting until I was. That means there are some unusual patterns underneath the colours making for a very unusual texture.

I reckon I’m just enjoying making some interesting patterns and shapes at the moment. Makes a change from my drip paintings. I have had some people tell me it reminds them of the autumn, some tell me it’s very earthy and another tell me it reminds them of their holiday to Majorca!

The oranges are very strong in this piece and it does dominate the space it is in partly because of the size of the shapes on the canvas.