Space inspired themes

Jupiter is one of those conscious paintings that was meticulously planned before starting. I’ve been anxious to try and create a painting based on a space theme for quite some time now so I reveled in the opportunity of finally getting the paints and the time to create Jupiter.

Getting the paint to do the things I wanted it to do has been a complete nightmare to be honest. I had a number of previous attempts to get it right but all met with failure. The problem was the way to get the cloud shapes to bloom properly so that they formed light insides with darker boundaries – much in the same way as some of the shots you can see online if you search for images of the planet.

I toyed with the idea of cropping the canvas so that you wouldn’t be able to see the white of the underneath where the paint hasn’t been applied but I felt that it was necessary to show this as it I think it serves to demonstrate how the painting evolves from a creation point at the edges towards the crescendo of action in the centre. I like this powerful effect. If it looked the same all over I think it would lose some of its impact.

Like so many of my pieces this modern art painting works really well as you move in closer to it – revealing some incredibly intricate and detailed sections. I’ve done the best that my camera will allow but you really have to see this painting in person to appreciate its level of detail. I particularly like the orange ‘storm’ like application in the centre.