Magnus was painted onto a flat sheet of heavyweight canvas cloth, stretched over a seasoned 44mm handmade timber frame and then treated with primer and sealer before I began painting him. Magnus measures 208cm x 110cm.

I wanted to explore my love of blue a little more, without relying too much on using black as with so many of my paintings. I wanted to get a sense of drama from this piece and could think of no better way than letting my arms go mad an create some big swirly shapes full of depth and colour

For once I wasn’t too concerned about using a varied colour palette – I stuck to five variations of blue, two purples,  grey and white. I have blended some incredible colours together to produce a vivid and visually stunning array of shapes, effortlessly meandering through the painting, each taking on their own identity and form yet still being present as a sum of the whole, if that makes any sense?

I believe I have achieved a very good balance in the painting – I took great care not to overburden any particular part of the piece as that would stop you looking at the rest of it. I also like the way that different sections look great even on their own without putting the rest of the painting together.

This piece took a long time to get right, I have revisited parts of this time an time again until I got something I was happy with. Placing Magnus upright makes me think of an octopus for some reason, but then I am a little strange…