Detailed, expressive strokes have resulted in a piece of art that is emotive and deeply passionate. It’s a great size too which helps this piece to convey a real sense of occasion. Bright, bold colours mean it will fit into almost any space adding a real focal point to wherever it is hung.

Nothing Can Keep Me From You is painted in a large number of acrylic paints. He measures 160cm x 140cm by 38 mm deep. He was painted onto a flat sheet of triple primed Belgian canvas then stretched, by me, over a kiln-dried museum graded wooden frame and stapled on the reverse, so the painting wraps all the way round the edges.

Surprisingly I never used a brush on this painting – despite the thick swathes of paint that help to add texture to the piece. I always enjoy using new applicators to move and shape the paint as it hits the surface of the canvas. By adding different colours at controlled intervals and by also including some accent shapes I have created lots of movement and intrigue so that areas of light and dark become really apparent – even though the use of white is limited and the use of black is non-existent.

In some of the photos you can see how intricate and delicate the applications of paint are and how the piece changes depending on where you view it from. This is one of the things I love about this kind of painting – it is always changing, always revealing itself in new and interesting ways