Pure drip styled painting

There is a tremendous level of detail in this painting – something of a throw back to the techniques Jackson Pollock used to use. I built the painting up over a few weeks adding and curing each single colour layer application as I went. The result is a glorious fusion of a pure drip technique coupled with patience and persistence.

The spectrum of colours was carefully chosen to offer structure and composure. My aim was to unify them together whilst also allowing them the freedom to be regarded on their own merit. I chose to limit the blending of colour so that I could achieve this. There is no better combination, in my opinion, than red, black and white.

This is a new type of drip painting for me. I normally paint onto canvas and then go through the tedious process of stretching it by hand over a seasoned timber frame – very much in keeping with the traditional way of doing things.

Using hardboard not canvas

With Valhalla I painted onto hardboard instead. This has many advantages over canvas for this kind of painting technique. Firstly it allows me to be more generous with the paint applications as I do not have to consider bowing or sinking as I am painting onto a rigid surface.

Secondly I can mount the hardboard directly into a ready made frame instead of having to hand stretch it. The result is an incredibly hard wearing, durable and solid piece of art. The frame I have had made for it compliments the colours brilliantly – offering a minimal and sleek functionality to the piece.

The addition of the lighter inner bevel gives extra gravitas to the painting too. I am particularly pleased with how the silver on the frame and on the painting really work so well together as you can see in the pictures.